Fitness Programs Available In Venice


Transform your body today with our Barre Classes in Venice. This low-impact sculping system can help women and men of all ages burn fat and build lean muscle. You'll see results like you never thought possible.

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Calm your mind and strengthen your body with our Yoga Classes in Venice. We are proud to offer high-quality instruction and a wide range of classes that are perfect for all experience levels.

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Total Body Conditioning

Take on the challenge of Total Body Conditioning at BodybyBarre in Venice today! Muscular and cardio conditioning are essential for health, fitness and performance. We combine TRX with kettlebells, bands, physio balls, and cardio for a total-body workout.

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Personal Training

If you're ready to revolutionize the way you train, look no further than our Personal Training program in Venice. Our team at BodybyBarre is helping people of all ages and ability levels to find lasting success.

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