Stars Aligned for Spring into Your Summer Body Challenge

Barre in Venice - BodyByBarre

Vacations, graduations and family reunions are around the corner. Sure you want to look your best.
But Challenge yourself for YOU! Do it for your health, and just because it feels so good to move your body! And it feels so good to set a goal and achieve it!
That's what our Spring Challenge is all about -- building muscles, building confidence and self love!
So get your name up on our superstar barre chart and set your own goal -- it could be two to three classes a week to reach 7 stars and a motivational magnet. Or maybe you push yourself a little harder and get to 10 stars and earn barre bag swag.
If you're already a barre regular or (a lapsed one) -- go all out and push for 15 classes in 21 days. You CAN do this! And now that we've added yoga, and have classes from 6:15a to 6p, you have more choices and more class opportunities.
So are you in? Of course you are! Email us and let us know, or sign up at The Studio. Rolling start going on until Monday. You can start later than Monday, you'll just have fewer days to reach your goal.

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