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From stroke to reverse lunges, Leslie inspires us

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When Leslie Sheldon started working with personal trainer Kathrin Kropilak six months ago, she was recovering from a stroke, had little balance and could only lift three-pound weights.

“Doctors told me to change my diet and exercise,” Sheldon said after her workout Monday. “And they’re shocked I did it.”

Sheldon shed 25 pounds, lifts 10-pound dumbbells and has the core strength and control to plank.

“People can’t tell I have an issue with my left side anymore,” she said.

Leslie has come a long way, Kropilak said. “Not just losing weight, but gaining muscle mass, getting stronger.”

Monday’s workout included reverse lunges off an aerobic step. “That is huge,” Kropilak said. “When Leslie started, she couldn’t stand on one leg.”

Sheldon is escaping the heat and heading back to Connecticut until August. “I’m going to miss this terribly because of the support I get here,” she said. “My goal when I come back is to do classes.” 

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