The Best Body Composition Testing in Venice

The Best Body Composition Testing in Venice

InBody: A better way to measure your fitness — and your progress

Our state-of-the-art InBody 270 assessment goes far beyond traditional scales and BMI calculators to give you a detailed picture of your fitness, including segmental body analysis, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, daily caloric requirements and more.

By taking the assessment every four weeks, you will be able to measure your progress toward your fitness goals like never before. Our certified trainers will analyze the results with you and advise you on specific steps for improvement. The test and results review take just a few minutes. Register now and take advantage of this great new way to help realize your fitness goals in 2021. Call to schedule, 941-786-5955, or download and schedule through our BodybyBarre Fitness App. There's a link on the front of our web site.

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