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Meet Our First 'Just Don't Quit' Member of the Month--Carrie Shaw

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Meet Our First 'Just Don't Quit' Member of the Month--Carrie Shaw

Last spring, shortly after her 50th birthday, Carrie Shaw was hit with a trifecta of stressful changes: She relocated from Fort Myers, started a new job and mourned the death of her father, all in a single week. Then came hurricane season, and Shaw, always a nervous eater, gobbled up the snacks she had bought for an emergency.

Suddenly, she noticed her pants were tight. Then, in January, she went to the doctor for her physical, which confirmed the worst: She had gained 30 pounds and her cholesterol was on the rise, a worrying signal because her family has a history of heart disease.

Shaw, who is married and has two adult children, vowed to take action. She became a monthly member at BodybyBarre, signing up for three Barre classes and two TRX classes every week. Her warm smile, infectious laugh and steely determination quickly made her a studio favorite.

“I’m sticking to 6:15 a.m. classes because I know that if I wait until after work, I won’t want to do it,” Shaw says. “Plus, I’m sitting at a desk all day. I need these workouts to get me started on the right foot.”

Shaw has an ambitious goal. Long a collector of seashells, she filled a jar with 89 shells, each symbolizing a pound she intends to lose. Every time she loses a pound, she removes a shell. By March, she had pulled out 17 shells, going down nearly two sizes. “Losing 89 pounds will get me to 141,” she says. “Don’t ask me why I picked 141. There’s no set reason. I’m quirky.”

She has been tested along the way. One morning, her Barre class gathered for a photo to mark one member’s milestone class. Shaw says she hesitated about getting in the photo.

“The old me did not want to be the fat girl in the photo,” she says. “The old me would have left that class and never come back. But I’ve learned to stop being a perfectionist and accept who I am and where I am.”

Shaw says she has always been able to set large goals, but she often found herself easily derailed. Now, she says, she takes it one class at a time. At a recent TRX class, she stopped briefly to catch her breath during a grueling cardio set, then wiped her brow and went at it again.

“Every day I am here is a victory,” Shaw says. “The classes are great and the people are so nice. I don’t feel self-conscious because I look around the class and I realize that no one is looking at me. Everyone is focused on themselves, doing the best that they can.”

We’re all behind you, Carrie! Keep up the great work.

Our new 'Just Don't Quit' Member of the Month honors a client who is working hard to overcome obstacles on the way to a healthy body. Send nominations to David@bodybybarre.me.

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