Barre All Excuses in 2020!

Barre All Excuses in 2020!

Excuse proof your resolution to get in better shape this year! We've added a dozen new ways (and just as many new times) to get you on your way.

You'll find variety not just between barre, yoga, TRX and circuit training, but within each type of fitness program. Our barre classes range from the more gentle, beginner-oriented Barre 1 to a core-focused barre and one that includes HIIT -- high intensity interval training.  Our yoga includes the restorative, reflective Yin; Vinyasa Flow (and a HIIT variation)-- a great workout that ends with a soothing Shavasana and a chilled, lavender-infused towel. And if you want yoga with a cardio twist and more, you HAVE to try our new Buti Yoga. We're the first studio in the area to offer this new dynamic program which blends primal movements, traditional yoga and cardio dance. (And in fact, we're the first in Florida to host a national certification in Buti's new Primal Flow class, coming in June.)

And to offer a safer, more-effective method of weight training, in April we introduced our latest fit baby, TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise.) Developed by a Navy SEAL as a portable way to keep in shape while on missions, TRX offers hundreds of exercises. You may have seen the straps hanging in a big box gym or fumbled around with them, but our certified TRX instructors will show you in a group of seven or less, how to precisely leverage your body and gravity to get in the best shape of your life. We now offer a beginner's TRX, a circuit-training version, as well as an advanced class. 

Not sure where to start? Call or text us and we'll get you off to a great start: 941-786-5955.

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