Fitness for Golfers Will Suit You to a Tee

Fitness for Golfers Will Suit You to a Tee

Attention golfers (and their partners): Are you not getting the distance on your golf shots that you once
did? Is back or shoulder pain and stiffness limiting your swing? Are you struggling for consistency? Does

fatigue creep in to ruin a good round?

The solution is not in new clubs or a new swing aid. It’s in restoring your own body.
We’re pleased to introduce a new personal training regime focused on fitness for golfers. Inspired by TRX Master Teacher Trevor Anderson, who works with several players on the PGA Tour, our program uses innovative equipment and training techniques to improve core strength, balance, flexibility, stamina,

motor control and coordination.

The benefits go beyond helping you develop a more accurate and powerful golf swing. Our program also addresses muscle imbalances, tightness and weaknesses to reduce or eliminate back and shoulder pain and stiffness. After six weeks of regular training, we guarantee you’ll feel better from the moment you get out of bed in the morning.

Leading the training is David Hackett, an avid golfer who is certified as a personal trainer by the prestigious American Council on Exercise and by TRX. Cost is $50 per one hour session or $75 for two people if you want to train with a partner. Contact David at (941) 315-0631 or for a free consultation and a look at our training program.

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