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  • We're opening Monday! Virtual classes continue

    To our BodybyBarre family, Two month's after shutting down, we have finally arrived at the moment we have eagerly awaited: We are resuming studio classes and personal training Monday, May 18. Our team of fabulous instructors has been preparing great classes to get your hearts pumping and your bodies moving. Our decision adheres to Florida guidelines set forth by Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday. We are proceeding with abundant caution. This includes a longer break between classes to disinfect our workout room and equipment; limiting class sizes to maintain social distancing and following other recommended protocols. We are also offering private and family fitness ....

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  • Keep Exercising and Boost Your Immune System

    Keep Exercising and Boost Your Immune System

    One of your best defenses against Coronavirus is maintaining a strong immune system, and exercise plays a critical role. A 2018 study of British cyclists between 55 and 75 found that many had immune systems as strong as those of people half their age. Researchers concluded in the medical journal Aging Cell that lack of exercise, rather than simply getting older, was the biggest contributor to diminished immune system protection. So, in addition to cleaning your hands, not touching your face, avoiding large crowds and other preventative actions, keep working out. The big red slogan on the wall of our studio, "Just Don't Quit," applies now more than ever. ....

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  • Stay Safe, and Be Strong with Free Virtual Classes!

    Stay Safe, and Be Strong with Free Virtual Classes!

    We are offering free online workouts multiple times a day to give back to our community and help everyone combat stress, the number one thing we can do to strengthen our bodies! Here is how it works: Sign up for a free account at BodybyBarre Fitness . We have about four to five daily classes, with mostly new barre and yoga classes taught by a rotating cast of our instructors. Scroll through the schedule and sign up for a class time. About 30 minutes before class, you'll receive an email link to access the class. You simply copy and paste in your browser or click on the link, using an iPad, computer or smart phone. Classes are not live (more trouble than it's worth) but we need people ....

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  • We're Virtually Open!

    We've got our TV production studio up and running and did a soft launch of BodybyBarre At Home last week. Thank you for all your feedback and support! We now have taped and scheduled nine on-demand classes, including five Barre classes, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Tribal HIIT Yoga (aka "Buti") and our newest additions -- Healthy Back Yoga (fabulous for everyone), and Total Body Blast, a cardio HIIT class you can do without equipment! We're busy working on more classes, including an Intro to Barre, and TRX, for those of you who have the equipment. We are still adding classes day-to-day, so check the schedule often for updates. Classes are free for now -- our gift to help you ....

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  •  Why We Are Remaining Open

    Why We Are Remaining Open

    Why we are remaining open In light of the threat from the Coronavirus and recommendations of medical experts to increase social distancing, we strongly considered temporarily closing the studio. We have decided, however, to remain open for several reasons: 1. Immune system health is vital, and exercise has a profound ability to boost immune system protection. 2. Exercise also reduces stress, lowers blood-pressure and improves sleeping, among many other benefits badly needed as we confront this public health emergency. 3. As a small studio, physical interactions are far less than at larger gyms, reducing the risk that our clients face of contracting and spreading ....

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  • Meet Our First 'Just Don't Quit' Member of the Month--Carrie Shaw

    Meet Our First 'Just Don't Quit' Member of the Month--Carrie Shaw

    Last spring, shortly after her 50th birthday, Carrie Shaw was hit with a trifecta of stressful changes: She relocated from Fort Myers, started a new job and mourned the death of her father, all in a single week. Then came hurricane season, and Shaw, always a nervous eater, gobbled up the snacks she had bought for an emergency. Suddenly, she noticed her pants were tight. Then, in January, she went to the doctor for her physical, which confirmed the worst: She had gained 30 pounds and her cholesterol was on the rise, a worrying signal because her family has a history of heart disease. Shaw, who is married and has two adult children, vowed to take action. She became a monthly member at ....

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  • It's Fit February! Are you in?

    It's Fit February! Are you in?

    More Classes, More TImes More Ways to Get Your Fit On! NEW TIME 9a Sunday, TRX Circuit Breakers NEW 10a Sunday, TRX Total Body NEW 8:30a Monday, TRX Total Body NEW 7:30a Monday, Power Barre HIIT NEW 6p Thursday, BUTI Yoga (begins 2/13) NEW TIME: 5:45p Tuesday, (begins 2/18) Cardio Yoga Special Events: Buti & Bubbles, 11a, Saturday, Feb. 8 Valentine's Candlelight Yoga , 6p, Friday, Feb. 14 ....

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  • Stronger wrists in the palm of your hand

    Wrist and hand pain often accompanies everyday tasks such as opening jars, typing on a computer and in class, holding a straight-arm plank. Wrist pain does not have to be an inevitable part of aging; you can strengthen your hands and wrists with a few simple exercises. ACE-certified personal trainer David Hackett shows you how with a simple device we just added to our studio. Feel free to come in to class early and use it. Just ask a trainer if you need assistance. ....

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