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  • Happenings in May

    Happenings in May

    You asked for it – more TRX suspension training:
    Our TRX Total Body Conditioning is a real HIIT so we’ve added more classes! The suspension training class is not only good for your abs, arms and core, it gives you a cardio boost with high impact interval training or “HIIT.” Intro to TRX Workshop – 6pm, Monday, May 20
    Our intro class will take you through basic moves and positioning with the TRX straps. You’ll quickly see why elite athletes, the military, and clients like you are embracing TRX workouts. Instructor Michelle Reeves will teach you proper positioning, form, and all you need to know to get started with TRX. Class is filling; ....

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  • Spring Brings Change and New Ways to Challenge Yourself

    Spring Brings Change and New Ways to Challenge Yourself

    It's our third birthday and like a healthy toddler, we're growing bigger and stronger! We're now working on a second training room that will feature TRX stations, circuit training, small-group and personal training with kettlebells, battle ropes and other equipment. In addition to our award-winning barre, and yoga classes, we will soon be offering butt-kicking boot camp, Intro to TRX, and TRX Total Body Conditioning. Details to come. Classes will start in April. With two classrooms, the possibilities are endless! Pass the newsletter on to your friends. We also want to hear from you . If you have a class idea, or suggestion please send an email . Growth inevitably means ....

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  • Spring into the Best Shape of Your Life!

    Spring into the Best Shape of Your Life!

    Welcome to BodybyBarre, Venice’s premier, award-winning barre & yoga studio. We offer three dozen weekly classes, from 6:15 a.m. to 7 p.m., and cater to people of all ages and fitness levels. You'll build strength, flexibility, and sculpt deep muscles. Plus, our classes are fun and always changing so you'll never hit a fitness plateau. We’re celebrating our three-year anniversary and you get a gift -- $99 for 1-month unlimited barre & yoga classes. New clients only! Offer expires 3/15/19. And as a bonus, if you attend 12 classes your first month, you'll win a signature barre tank. Give BodybyBarre a try -- you have nothing to lose except inches and pounds! ....

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  • Classes

    Buy 1 class Buy 5 class package Buy 10 class package Buy 1-month unlimited pass New Client Special-4 pack Monthly Unlimited-autopay ITG Weight Loss I'm Interested ....

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  • Challenge Yourself: Make Muscles, Not Excuses!

    On your mark, set YOUR goal and go for it! Our Challenge begins Friday, Oct. 26! We've got three weeks of all-out burning it at the barre and on the yoga mat! We guarantee you'll see and love the results just in time for Thanksgiving! Nothing is going to get you in shape quicker than barre -- we target those seldom used deep muscles and work them til exhaustion and mix it all up with low-impact cardio, balls, bands, weights and motivating music. We have a rolling start to accommodate your schedules, so the clock starts ticking from your first class next weekend. You may start as late as Mon., Oct. 29. Enter the NO EXCUSE ZONE NOW! Prizes, fun and lots of surprises! Commit ....

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  • Sizzlin' Summer Challenge

    Sizzlin' Summer Challenge

    The summer heat means it's time to take your burn back to the barre! If you're new to barre or need a reboot, we've got just the Challenge to get you into shape. For $49 , you'll get two weeks of unlimited barre & yoga and if you take six classes in two weeks, you'll win a THIRD FREE WEEK . Complete 10 classes in three weeks and you'll earn one of our signature BodybyBarre tanks. We will be cheering you on with our star chart! The Beginner Challenge is running at the same time as Barre Bingo, and is for people who have been taking classes with us for one month or less, or who haven't been in class since June 1 . And check out Anna B.'s before barre and after barre ....

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  • Raising the Barre -- How a New Exercise Changed My Body and Career

    Sarasota Magazine 2016

    By Kim Hackett
    My unlikely journey from recreational runner to barre studio owner began on the road I could no longer travel – at least not at a fast clip. Running had always been my exercise of choice. I craved the solitude, the breeze on my face and the mind-clearing adrenaline rush that came after pushing through fatigue to reach a finish line. And then a few years ago, after competing in my first full marathon, chronic heel pain on my left side put an end to running. Making matters worse, “mother’s hip” – my term for the right-side shooting pain caused by years of perching children and groceries on a jutted hip – made it ....

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  • Stars Aligned for Spring into Your Summer Body Challenge

    Stars Aligned for Spring into Your Summer Body Challenge

    Vacations, graduations and family reunions are around the corner. Sure you want to look your best. But Challenge yourself for YOU! Do it for your health, and just because it feels so good to move your body! And it feels so good to set a goal and achieve it! That's what our Spring Challenge is all about -- building muscles, building confidence and self love! So get your name up on our superstar barre chart and set your own goal -- it could be two to three classes a week to reach 7 stars and a motivational magnet. Or maybe you push yourself a little harder and get to 10 stars and earn barre bag swag. If you're already a barre regular or (a lapsed one) -- go all out and ....

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  • Get Your Body Summer Ready with our Spring Into Shape Challenge

    Get Your Body Summer Ready with our Spring Into Shape Challenge

    On your mark, set YOUR goal and go for it! We've got three weeks of all-out burning it at the barre (and yoga mat!) We guarantee you'll see and love the results. Look and feel your summer best. We've got classes from 6:15a to 6p, and every day of the week. No excuses! Rolling start begins Friday Your first weekend class sets the 21-day clock running. You'll earn a star after every class. Earn 7-9 stars, you'll win a barre magnet; 10-14 stars, barre studio bag; 15+ stars: barre superstar, draped back tank (they're gorgeous!) Sign-up at The Studio. It's free -- all you have to do is buy a class package, or better yet, become a member for $99/month for unlimited classes ....

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