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  • New schedule, new instructors, new classes — and a better you.

    At BodyByBarre, we are raising our game to help you achieve your fitness goals through the holidays and beyond. We have added dynamic new instructors, new classes, formats and times. Here’s what you need to know: Our seasonal schedule starts Monday, Nov. 16, with several new offerings, including a Buti Deep class at 10 a.m. on Fridays led by Addie French. We have also added Total Body Conditioning (formerly TRX) classes, at 7:30 a.m. Tuesdays and Thursdays, led by our newest instructor, Tatiana Karmanova. We are now offering yoga seven days a week, including a 3 p.m. class on Sundays guided by Shawn Lutz. We’ve changed the name of our TRX classes to Total Body ....

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  • Exercise a wonder drug we need now more than ever

    Exercise a wonder drug we need now more than ever

    By David Hackett Co-owner and ACE Trainer Few people will argue that 2020 will rank among the most stressful years in a generation. But what we are seeing every day at the studio offers an uplifting contrast to the gloom that has soaked into so many lives: Our clients arrive to our classes in a good mood, and leave in even a better one! It’s not magic; it’s science. Exercise releases chemicals in your brain called endorphins. Endorphins interact with receptors in your brain to trigger a positive feeling – a mild euphoria and a reduction in stress and anxiety -- that scientists say is similar to morphine – without the side effects. These benefits start ....

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  • Your Halloween Treat -- BUTI GLO

    Your Halloween Treat -- BUTI GLO

    Join us Friday, October 23rd for our first annual Halloween Buti Yoga Glo Party! Come to the studio at 6pm to brush on body paint in the spirit of Halloween. At 6:30pm we'll turn the black lights on, begin class and watch our designs glow as our bodies move. Class limited to 9 to allow for social distancing. Fancy-up your "mask" if you'd like. Masks optional. Wondering what Buti Yoga is? Tribal dance fuses with asana yoga and plyometrics in this cardio-intensive, calorie scorching, body-sculpting class. Buti, in Indian Marathi, means "the cure to something hidden or kept secret." Buti may be a secret here, but it’s sweeping the nation with its powerful, body-changing, soul ....

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  • We're opening Monday! Virtual classes continue

    To our BodybyBarre family, Two month's after shutting down, we have finally arrived at the moment we have eagerly awaited: We are resuming studio classes and personal training Monday, May 18. Our team of fabulous instructors has been preparing great classes to get your hearts pumping and your bodies moving. Our decision adheres to Florida guidelines set forth by Gov. Ron DeSantis on Friday. We are proceeding with abundant caution. This includes a longer break between classes to disinfect our workout room and equipment; limiting class sizes to maintain social distancing and following other recommended protocols. We are also offering private and family fitness ....

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  • Keep Exercising and Boost Your Immune System

    Keep Exercising and Boost Your Immune System

    One of your best defenses against Coronavirus is maintaining a strong immune system, and exercise plays a critical role. A 2018 study of British cyclists between 55 and 75 found that many had immune systems as strong as those of people half their age. Researchers concluded in the medical journal Aging Cell that lack of exercise, rather than simply getting older, was the biggest contributor to diminished immune system protection. So, in addition to cleaning your hands, not touching your face, avoiding large crowds and other preventative actions, keep working out. The big red slogan on the wall of our studio, "Just Don't Quit," applies now more than ever. ....

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