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  • From stroke to reverse lunges, Leslie inspires us

    Watch interview When Leslie Sheldon started working with personal trainer Kathrin Kropilak six months ago, she was recovering from a stroke, had little balance and could only lift three-pound weights. “Doctors told me to change my diet and exercise,” Sheldon said after her workout Monday. “And they’re shocked I did it.” Sheldon shed 25 pounds, lifts 10-pound dumbbells and has the core strength and control to plank. “People can’t tell I have an issue with my left side anymore,” she said. Leslie has come a long way, Kropilak said. “Not just losing weight, but gaining muscle mass, getting stronger.” Monday’s workout ....

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  • Check out our hot new summer schedule

    Check out our hot new summer schedule

    You don't have to be an early bird to get the burn! Check out the new high-intensity, low-impact classes we've added to our evening schedule. Of course, if you're an early-bird, you'll want to check out the full schedule HIGH INTENSITY STRENGTH Develop your strength, stamina and agility using a variety of weights and kettlebells. We are laser-focused on form ensuring you are sculpting muscles at your fitness level. CORE, CARDIO & MORE We pull out the big balls, bands, yoga blocks, and more, with innovative moves to target your core. VINYASA YOGA You'll synchronize your breath with movement. This powerful yoga practice builds heat, endurance, strength, ....

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  • Ring in Healthy New Habits with New Year's Day Classes

    Ring in Healthy New Habits with New Year's Day Classes

    Start the new year with clarity, peace and balance. Join Ashley V. on the mat for an hour of serenity, stretch and strength. We'll clear our auras with a short meditation, ring out the lingering tensions of 2021 with a full-body stretch, and flow into 2022 strong and renewed. If you're looking for a more robust workout, join Dave for a special Burn in the New Year Total Body Conditioning class at 10a. ....

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  • ‘Tis the Season of I’m too Busy to Exercise

    ‘Tis the Season of I’m too Busy to Exercise

    When life is too stressful to stretch, strengthen and sweat, that's when you need it most. And yet, even our regulars tend to go AWOL between Thanksgiving and the New Year! Lately, we instructors go to bed with waitlists and wake up with a half-dozen cancellations and a few spots to spare in class. A truism is that you are either moving forward with your health or you're moving backwards. So move forward, even if it's just a little. The fat-burning, mood-boosting benefits of exercise last about 48 hours. After that, if you don't crank up your heart rate and challenge your muscles, your metabolism starts to slow. And all that unreleased stress hunting for the latest ....

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  • New Smoothies, New Fitness Programs

    Getting back into shape can feel overwhelming, especially if you haven't picked up a dumbbell or have a chronic hip or knee problem. That’s why we’ve come up with a variety of ways to get you going. Our new BFit Orientation (only $59) is for people who are new to our classes and are on the fence about whether they’re ready to plunge into a barre or total body conditioning class. A trainer will take you through our equipment and common moves you’ll do in classes and help you with modifications, and form. And if you add in an InBody assessment ($25) you’ll have a clear picture of muscle imbalances, strength and overall physical health to help you chart ....

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  • We are now BFitness & Smoothies (healthy fresh-fruit smoothies)

    We are now BFitness & Smoothies (healthy fresh-fruit smoothies)

    It's been a whirlwind few months as we moved into our new Jacaranda Plaza home in Venice and morphed from BodybyBarre Fitness to BFitness & Smoothies. We now train clients of all ages from Wellen Park, Englewood, Sarasota and North Port. Why the name change to BFitness & Smoothies? We are much more than the Venice, Englewood, Wellen Park, and North Port areas' best barre studio. We offer personal training, small-group training, youth sports conditioning, as well as award-winning yoga, total-body conditioning, HIIT, TRX, and fusion fitness classes, seven days a week. After a challenging, restorative workout, it's essential to replenish your body with healthy carbs, protein and ....

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  • It's a Grand Party June 5 to Celebrate Our New Studio!

    It's a Grand Party June 5 to Celebrate Our New Studio!

    C ome Meet the Team & Celebrate We've been in our new studio for a month now and have worked out the 'new house' kinks, so now we're ready to throw open our doors and celebrate! We're offering the best deals of the year on classes and apparel. Sample our nutritious smoothies, including vegan and keto, and enjoy healthy appetizers. Come meet our team and experience the studio by jumping into a few 15-minute, mini classes in total body conditioning/TRX, Circuit Breakers, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, and more. Learn about personal training, check out our new InBody that'll show you muscle strength, basal metabolic rate, imbalances, body fat and more, so you can ....

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  • Celebrate Mom with a Gift of Health and Wellness

    Celebrate Mom with a Gift of Health and Wellness

    Celebrate your mom this weekend with a gift of health and wellness. We promise to take great care of her with a complimentary fitness consultation and a special 3-month summer membership for only $349! You can also give her a gift card of an amount of your choosing. She can then choose which services and classes to purchase. ....

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  • The Best Body Composition Testing in Venice

    The Best Body Composition Testing in Venice

    InBody: A better way to measure your fitness — and your progress Our state-of-the-art InBody 270 assessment goes far beyond traditional scales and BMI calculators to give you a detailed picture of your fitness, including segmental body analysis, skeletal muscle mass, body fat percentage, daily caloric requirements and more. By taking the assessment every four weeks, you will be able to measure your progress toward your fitness goals like never before. Our certified trainers will analyze the results with you and advise you on specific steps for improvement. The test and results review take just a few minutes. Register now and take advantage of this great new way to help ....

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