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Whether you're looking for a relaxing class to reset your mind, an active recovery from a week's worth of workouts, or a sculpting session that will leave your muscles more toned than ever, we've got you covered. 

Our Yoga Classes in Venice span a wide range of specialties and offer men and women of all ages and abilities the chance to get more out of their bodies. Learn more about BodyByBarre today! 

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Find The Yoga Class That Works Best For You Or Try Them All!

Remember when Yoga meant just one thing? When it was seen as a passive form of exercise. Even just a fun way to stretch?

Well, those days are gone.

At BodyByBarre, we're taking Yoga to the next level with exciting new classes that help you reach a specific goal and walk away feeling great about yourself. We are proud to offer you access to a world-class Yoga instructor on site and a slate of classes that will help you reach any goal.

Our Yoga Classes in Venice Include:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga: Strengthen your body with powerful poses and center your mind in a meditative setting. This class focuses on breath, building heat within the body and self-discovery. We will push you to your edge and leave you feeling empowered and ready for anything.

Yoga Cardio Fusion: Looking to pick up the energy? Combine heart-racing movements with effective poses and stretching. These classes are held with more pace than most and will leave you feeling refreshed and spent at the same time. 

Gentle Yoga: These classes are the perfect way to start your day with peace or end your day with reflection. The slower pace of these classes allows you to focus on your breathing really be in-tune with your body. 

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Let Our Yoga Classes In Venice Boost Your Body And Soul

There's no better feeling than the calm that comes with Yoga. And at BodyByBarre, you'll enjoy a system of support and serenity like never before. Our classes are perfect for all experience levels and we are proud to offer modifications for everything we do, helping you ease into the routine and challenge yourself every step of the way.

With our Yoga Classes, you can:

  • Escape the stresses of your daily life
  • Relax your mind and clear your thoughts
  • Stabilize your core and develop lean muscles
  • Sweat out your body's toxins and walk away feeling recharged

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